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Romans 8:37

April 23 Morning
Yet amid all these things we are more than conquerors and gain a surpassing victory through Him who loved us.

We go to Christ for forgiveness, and then too often look to ourselves for power to fight our sins. So Paul rebukes the Galatians, Who has bewitched you, that you do not obey the truth? This only would I ask you, did you receive the Holy Spirit by works, or by responding in faith? Are you so foolish, that having begun in the Spirit, you are now made perfect by your own actions? Take your sins to Christ's cross, for the old man can only be crucified there: we are crucified with him. The only weapon to fight sin with is the spear which pierced the side of Jesus. To give an illustration--you want to overcome an angry temper; how do you go to work? It is very possible you have never tried the right way of going to Jesus with it. How did I get salvation? I came to Jesus just as I was, and I trusted him to save me. I must kill my angry temper in the same way. It is the only way in which I can ever kill it. I must go to the cross with it, and say to Jesus, "Lord, I trust you to deliver me from it." This is the only way to give it a death-blow. Are you covetous? Do you feel the world entangle you? You may struggle against this evil as long as you please, but if its a sin that is controlling you, you will never be delivered from it in any way but by the blood of Jesus. Take it to Christ. Tell him, "Lord, I have trusted in you , and your name is Jesus, for you save your people from their sins: Lord, this is one of my sins; save me from it!" Keeping rules are nothing without Christ as a means of power. Your prayers, and your repentances, and your tears--the whole of them put together--are worth nothing apart from Him. "None but Jesus can do helpless sinners good;" or helpless saints either. You must be conquerors through him who has loved you, to conquer anything at all. Our laurels must grow among His olives in Gethsemane. Our success can only be through Him.

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