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1 Corinthians 11:24

April 26 Morning
When He had given thanks, he broke the bread and said, This is my body, which is for you: do this in remembrance of me.

It seems then that Christians may forget Christ! There could be no need for this loving exhortation, if there were not a fearful possibility that our memories might prove treacherous. Nor is this an unlikely supposition: it is too often confirmed in our experience, not as a possibility, but as a lamentable fact. It appears almost impossible that those who have been redeemed by the blood of the dying Lamb, and loved with an everlasting love by the eternal Son of God, should forget that gracious Saviour. But, if startling to hear, it is too frequently seen to allow us to deny the crime. Forget Him who never forgot us! Forget Him who poured his blood forth for our sins! Forget Him who loved us even to the death! Can it be possible? Yes, it is not only possible, but our consciences must confess that it is too sadly a fault with all of us, that we allow Jesus to be as a homeless man, staying but for a night. He whom we should make the abiding tenant of our memories is but a visitorwithin. The cross which one would think would always be in memory is desecrated by forgetfulness, which should be an unknown intruder. Doesn't your conscience say that this is true? Don't you find yourselves forgetful of Jesus, sometimes? Some creature steals away your heart, and you are unmindful of Him on whom your total affection should be set. Some earthly concern engrosses your attention when you should be fixing your eye steadily upon the cross. It is the incessant turmoil of the world, the constant attraction of earthly things which takes our focus away from Christ. While our memory will preserve a poisonous weed, it will allow the rose of Sharon to wither. Let us charge ourselves to bind a heavenly forget-me-not about our hearts for Jesus our Beloved, and whatever else we let slip, let us hold fast to him.

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