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Romans 8:30

May 28 Morning
God planned for them to be like his Son. He chose them and made them right with him. And after he made them right, he gave them his glory.

Here is a precious truth for a believer. You may be poor or suffering or unknown, but for your encouragement, take a review of the consequences that flow from your relationship with God, and especially the blessed result that Paul speaks of here. As surely as you are God's child today, just as surely all your trials will soon be at an end. You will be rich with joy. Wait awhile, and your weary head will wear the crown of glory, and your hand will hold the palm-branch of victory. Don't lament your troubles, but rather rejoice that before long you will be where "there shall be neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain." The chariots of fire are at your door, and a moment will suffice to bear you to the glorified. The everlasting song is almost on your lip. The portals of heaven stand open for you. Don't think that you can fail to enter into his rest. If he has called you, nothing can separate you from his love. Stress and trouble cannot sever the bond, the fire of persecution cannot burn the link. The hammer of hell cannot break the chain, you are secure. That voice, which called you at first, shall call you yet again from earth to heaven, from death's dark gloom to heaven's unspoken splendors. Rest assured, the heart of him who has justified you beats with infinite love towards you. You shall soon be with the glorified, where your portion is. You are only waiting here to be made meet for the inheritance, and that is done, the wings of angels shall lift you far away, to the mount of peace, joy, and blessedness.


  • "Far from a world of grief and sin,
  • With God eternally shut in,"
  • Thou shalt rest forever and ever.

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